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It is my belief that you should not be penalised for the errors in your writing if you have dyslexia, but should be awarded marks for your ideas and hard work. I have worked with many dyslexic students to ensure that the work they have produced is written in the best possible English, is clear and concise and is error-free.

Dyslexic Proofreading

Dyslexia proofreading

I am able to proofread all types of document for dyslexic students. This includes the following:

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Reports
  • Coursework
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Bibliographies, figures, tables, diagrams and charts
  • Manuscripts
  • Conference papers
  • Journal articles
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Talks
  • Proposals
  • Transcriptions
  • Funding applications
  • UCAS applications
  • Grant applications
  • Emails
  • Letters

I can also type up documents for you from paper to electronic version, for example lecture notes.

This is what I do when I proofread your work:

  • Check spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • Check the style and consistency throughout your document
  • Light editing and re-writing of areas which are unclear
  • Comment on areas which are unclear or which could be better written
  • Check the word order in sentences
  • Check for word omissions
  • Offer suggestions for alternative vocabulary where words have been overused/used incorrectly
  • Make sure you have time to ask me any questions via email

Additional services

If you are short of time or dislike typing, I can also help you by typing up your document for you. Send me your hand written notes by post or drop them off to my office in person and I can type them up into a smart, polished document for you. I can send you the final copy by email or print it off and send it to you through the post. Please contact me for more information about this service.

I also offer a transcription service. Transcribing is a very time consuming task so make your life easier by getting me to transcribe your notes or interviews while you spend your time carrying out research or putting the finishing touches to your research paper or dissertation. I can send you the final copy by email or print it off and send it to you through the post. Please contact me for more information about this service.

I also work with dyslexic individuals from other fields, including business employees, job seekers and writers. Please see my other services for more information or contact me.

You might be able to have your document proofread for free if you fit the following criteria:

  • You have dyslexia.
  • You receive an award from Student Finance.
  • You are allowed to use part of this money for proofreading.

Get a quote

If you would like a quote, please either use my contact form, or email me directly. I am happy to discuss your requirements over the phone and you can also book my services in advance in order to ensure my availability

Samantha really helped me with my dissertation. I have recommended her to all my friends.

Pei-Hsuan Chen, University of Essex

first class service - I have already recommended her to a friend. I will be using her again in the future - highly recommended. fast , reliable , reasonable prices. I recommend her without hesistation

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