Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of documents do you proofread?

I can proofread any type of document including dissertations, theses, essays, reports, coursework, research proposals, journal articles, novels, poetry and manuscripts. Please have a look at the services available, or for more information contact me.

How can I send my document to you?

You can email your document to me directly, upload it via the contact form or even send it to me through the post. If your document is very large you can upload it to Dropbox or a similar program and I will download it.

Is your proofreading service confidential?

Yes it is. If required I am more than happy to sign an NDA for your peace of mind.

Can you provide me with an invoice/receipt?

Yes. I can provide both. These can be emailed to you or sent out in the post.

I am a student. Am I allowed to use a proofreader?

Yes you are. Many universities encourage the use of a proofreader as this makes it easier for your tutor to mark your work. Also, points are lost for poor spelling and grammar, so using a proofreader means you are likely to get a higher grade.

When will you be available to proofread my work?

I am available 7 days a week. I can also carry out work at short notice if you have a tight deadline. Please contact me for more information.

How long will it take for you to reply to my enquiry?

I check my emails regularly throughout the day, so you might receive a reply within minutes. I always aim to reply to enquiries the same day they are sent to me. If you want to contact me quickly you can call me, contact me on Skype or send me a text message and I will reply as soon as possible.

Does it matter that I am not local to you?

Not at all. I conduct all my work over the Internet via email and you can also contact me via telephone, text message or Skype.

Can I give you my work in stages?

Yes, I am happy to work on sections of documents or whole documents.

When do I pay?

For most jobs payment is required in advance before the work is completed. For longer documents (e.g. theses) I require a 50% deposit and the remaining fee is paid upon completion of the work. I am able to provide both invoices and receipts if necessary.

Can you type up my document for me?

Yes I can. If you are running out of time or hate typing, for example, I can help you. You can post the hard copy of your document to me and I will type it up for you and post or email the final version to you. I can provide two copies; one with the corrections visible and a version with the changes accepted.

Can you proofread my work even if I need it within 24 hours?

Yes, this is possible but it does depend on the length of your document. Please contact me via telephone or text message if you need your work within 24 hours and I will do my best to help you. My phone number is in the top right hand corner of this page.

Do you proofread American English?

Yes. I can proofread in both American and British English. Please specify whether you need American or British English when you contact me.

I have a very low level of English, is this a problem?

No, this isn’t a problem. I have experience of working with people of all abilities so please contact me and I will do my best to help you.

Do you follow particular guidelines for formatting and referencing?

When you upload your document you can describe which referencing style you are using, or you can add an explanation about the specific guidelines, so your document is proofread accurately.

Can you help me with my references?

Yes I can. If you tell me what style of referencing you are supposed to use I can put your books/articles/websites, etc. in the correct format for you.

What parts of the document do you proofread?

I proofread everything in your document, including bibliographies, references (within the text and separate), titles, tables, diagrams, captions, etc., so please email everything that you want to have proofread.

Can you proofread printed hard copies?

Yes I can. You can either send hard copies to me through the post or I can print them out and post them back to you.

What happens after you have proofread my document?

When I have proofread your document I will email two versions of it to you: one with the corrections visible and a version with the changes accepted. When we have finished working on the document together I will delete it from my computer.

Can I book your services in advance?

Yes you can. Please contact me if you would like to book my services in advance and we can discuss this.

What file formats do you accept?

I accept most file formats, including doc, docx, odf, rtf, pdf, txt, ppt, html, htm, epx, ps, zip, gz, bz2 and tar files.

How long will it take to proofread my work?

This depends on the length of your document. If you tell me when your deadline is I will let you know if I can proofread your document within this timescale.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. You can use your credit card to pay through paypal.

How can I pay?

When I have received your document (or a sample of it) I will give you a price per 1000 words. I will then calculate the total fee for you and you can pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

What if I am not happy with the proofreading?

If you are not happy with the proofreading service you have received you need to contact me within 24 hours of being sent your corrected document. You must be able to state the reasons for your dissatisfaction in order for me to be able to discuss the matter with you further.

I have been using Samantha service for the past two years I had a job finding a proofreader up to university standard.  I am dyslectic and this service has been invaluable I am now going into 3rd year and if it wasn't for the quality of this service I wouldn''t be able to achieve my success upto now THANK YOU…

laurenceb, Edinburgh (Qype)

I couldn't have got my book published without Samantha's help. She not only proofread the English manuscript of my book, but also ensured that my translation from Spanish was accurate.

Manu Rodriguez, author, Spain

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